Say Goodbye to Bitts. Say Hello to GTD.

Say Goodbye to Bitts. Say Hello to GTD.

I'd like to follow up on my previous post on the end of days for Bitts. While I will be writing for Skatter Tech in the near future, I always wanted to create a Daring Fireball-esque website, i.e. links to relevant technology news stories with my own input for each. That's exactly what I'm doing with the GT Daily, or GTD for short. I'm launching this brand new website on June 1st where I will gather up some of the best articles of the day in the technology industry and comment on them. It will hopefully be on, but I make no promises as I haven't purchased the domain name yet.

Here's what you can expect. There will be no rules. I want to remain as informative and constructive as possible, but I also want to be expressive. That's often done with witty criticisms and humor. Some not-so-nice language has made some slight appearances on Bitts as well. I plan on updating the site daily (hence the name) because there's always something new on the internet worth talking about.

As for the ads, I'm going to try my best not to do anything flashy. I really hope that once the site gains some traction, Fusion Ads will be willing to make me a publisher because the design of those ads are flawless.

Again, Bitts will stay online for quite some time even if it isn't updated. Since there's over 1,000 articles on here, it is still linked to and clicked frequently and I don't want any broken links out there. The @techbitts Twitter account will be renamed to something appropriate for GTD. Since one can't rename Facebook usernames, I'm going to have to create a new fan page on Facebook. Digg will no longer be supported as a social media option.

So I hope you'll join me on my new site when it launches on June 1st and I look forward to getting started there and on Skatter Tech as soon as possible.